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HR ICON was established to support people and organisations, through the journey of change and growth, from self-awareness to recognition of their unique strengths, and enhance them to reach full performance level. Performance and operational excellence lead to impact, significance and long-term sustainability.

HR Consulting Services

Human resource (HR) consulting, also referred to as human capital advisory or HRM consulting, spans advisory and implementation activities related to the management of an organization’s human capital and the HR function. The scope of services range from overarching work on human capital strategy to the design and deployment of a compensation & benefits framework down to the transformation of the HR function.

Organisational Development

Organization development (OD) is an effort that focuses on improving an organization’s capability through the alignment of strategy, structure, people, rewards, metrics, and management processes. It is a science-backed, interdisciplinary field rooted in psychology, culture, innovation, social sciences, adult education, human resource management, change management, organization behavior, and research analysis and design, among others.

Training Programs

Training courses are intended to enhance different skills of an employee in a company to help in improving the individual’s performance. Corporate training increases the company’s rate of productivity where that individual is working.

The skills learned through training programs make the workplace environment friendlier, more engaging, more open to the exchange of ideas and more disciplined at the same time.

Leaders in the making

It can be hard to tell top talent from potential leaders, because people often think the two are one in the same—and that’s not always the case. Leadership is more than production. It extends beyond a corner office, to building meaningful relationships and inspiring others.


HR Icon is guided by four core values

Turnaround Time

Focuses undivided attention on delivery to exceed the client’s expectations. It operates on expertise and efficiency of the internal systems and


Relates to the emphasis placed on the high quality of the skills that work for HR ICON, service excellence, respect for the rule of law and respect for all people and cultures.


Speaks to the unending quest for new solutions to old problems and use of leading-edge tools, methodologies and technology.


Skills Transfer

Promotes our corporate social responsibility and ensures that wherever HR ICON renders services, a positive contribution is made to close identified skills gaps.

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HR Icon is a business and socially-rooted Enterprise.

HR ICON was incorporated in 2014 in Uganda, to provide professional human resource (HR), organisational development (OD) and human capital development (HCD) consultancy services. It grew out of an independent individual consultancy started in 2010 by Maggi Kaddu Baliddawa, a seasoned Human Capital Development and OD consultant with over 20 years of experience.


HR Icon hosts free webinars with priceless knowledge on all things HR

Find us hosting a wide range of webinars for different industries and professions, featuring partners and expert trainers. Check upcoming sessions below and save your seat!

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