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I was at the mall when I heard someone calling me. I turned around but didn’t recognize anyone. But there he was, smiling and making his way towards me. He seemed really happy to see me, so I switched on my smile. He caught up and what he said to me in the next few moments blew me away. He said, “I’m Simon. I stared at him blankly. “I’m the one you retrenched from ABC Company!” “Oh my goodness”, I said to myself and held my breath! But his smile was wider by now. Then it all came back in a flash. All I had needed to jog my memory to put a name to the face was the bit about the retrenchment. I recalled how I had agonized about his situation but I had still executed it as contracted. But now, why was he was smiling when he should be shooting me instead???

He told me, “Maggi when I was asked to leave ABC, I took the news in stride because of the message that you delivered, the process that was followed and how it was implemented. This made me realize that I had options and the ability to harness whatever capital I had amassed over the years. The training I had received over the years and at this particular time enabled me to step up to the plate and open up a consultancy offering organization development services. It is has been a year and now I have more work than I can handle. I just never thought it would be this successful. Right now I need someone to partner with. Please join me”! At that point I was the one smiling from ear to ear for I had just survived an attack! But I needed to understand what had caused such transformation in Simon to make this all happen in one year.

For a chance to understand the process that had brought him to a new reality, I decided that a cup of coffee at the mall would do the trick. He accepted my invite and spoke to me in detail about his journey through retrenchment to achieve significant personal change.

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